Parkowa Communications was founded out of love for design and photography.
Truism? Not necessarily.

We believe that in the crowded, "pictorial world", creative, precisely refined graphic concepts will be noticed. This design approach helps us create inspirational designs that build brand value. Our heads have been full of interesting ideas for many years: advertising materials, marketing and packaging.

Parkowa Communications is a fully integrated production company specialising in creative image editing. We offer high quality post-production to translate creative visions into visual reality.

Our modern photographic studio equipped with lighting from the Swiss company Broncolor allows you to create the most advanced photo sessions. The desired effects are created by combining the effects of photographic studio work, graphic design and 3D visualisation.

We provide clients with preparation of projects for production. We work with proven contractors who we can recommend. If necessary, we supervise production.

Welcome to Park Communications.
We are waiting for you.

Parkowa Communications

ul. Ciołkowskiego 169
15-516 Białystok, POLAND
tel.: +48 502 208 926